Before inquiring on any of our puppies we ask that you read
our required reading & for you to fill out a questionaire.

This is to help us better aquaint ourselves with you and
make the right match for your family. You can also view
our "Pryde Puppy Pack" to read  about first days home
& help with training. To contact us about puppies you 
will need to e-mail us via the questionaire OR call
us at (843) 324-3825.

Please note that simply sending us an email asking us how much our puppies are only & not filling out our placement questionnaire linked above will delay a decision for placement with you. We DO NOT place puppies on first come, first serve. It is VERY important that our puppies are placed in forever homes and with homes that suit the potential new owner & the puppy. Each puppy is unique and has their own personality and each family does understand that not all personalities will be compatible with all families. Simply choosing a puppy based on color or markings is not advised by us because what good is the color boxer you got and it's personality does not match your family. Mismatching a family and new puppy can cause everyone to be unhappy and we do not want that.

Pryde Puppies
Zippo X Brisi
**** Due on OR About 2/13/2018 ****
Fawns & White Expected

Ladies In Waiting
 Females Bred to our Males
*** Please note the following litters are
not my litters BUT sired by one of our males.
Please contact the Breeder about any 
puppy below and it's availability***
None at this time

Boxer Breeder's Playpens
*** Please note the following litters are not my litters. Please contact the Breeder about any puppy below and it's availability***
None At This Time