A Little About Us.......

Hello, My name is Jessica Hillbloom and my other half Charlie Berger and we live in South Carolina. I have 2 boys Dustyn and Cody ages 14 yrs and 12 yrs that we are raising. We have been owned by boxers for 13 years now. My first encounter with a boxer was a white female named Mercedes. She captured my heart the moment I met her and I knew my family would not be complete until I had one in my home. The Boxer in a whole was just the right dog for our family and my search began. I was always raised to believe any dog with AKC papers was a "Well Bred" dog and I soon learned that was not so. Before learning this VALUABLE lesson, I found my first "Boxers" in the news paper. They had been left in someone's back yard tied for 1 1/2 years. But they were still a Boxer through and through. I brought them both home, and we had "Chubbs" N "Tubbs".

   I soon learned after I got them home why they were tied apart as they had sibling rivalry being both were dominant females. I placed Tubbs after a short time as she and her sister were not able to get along with each other.  I felt she would do better in a different home and it proved to be the right decision for her. I then met a wonderful local breeder, Mrs. Peggy Otto of PRO Boxers, to whom I owe the biggest debt of gratitude.  I don't know if I will ever be able to express my thanks to her enough. Peggy took me under her mentor wings and has helped me through these past few years more than I could have ever asked, hoped or prayed for. She has given me knowledge and guidance above and beyond, and a friendship I will cherish until the day I pass to the Rainbow Bridge myself.  To you, Peggy, I thank with the utmost sincerity. Peggy helped me find my first "Well Bred" boxers and has passed years of her gained knowledge to me. Peggy graced us with what has proved to be a wonderful foundation bitch PRO's Highland Forget-Me-Not, ( aka : Jill), May of 2002. We have since welcomed in addition to our home in April 2005, ASureBet's Wild Card For Pryde N PRO  ( aka : Clemi) from Chris and Joy Howard of ASureBet Boxers. Clemi has become a whirlwind expirience from the moment I picked her up from the airport and she darted into my arms. We have also added CH. Sandcastle's Enter Sandman, ( aka : Harley ). Tony Presto from Sandcastle Boxer's let this outstanding young man come into our home in May of 2006. Harley finished his championship title handled by Jorge Pinzon of Draco Boxers. Harley has since produced 4 litters here with us resulting in Pryde's Dyna Glide, AKA: "Dyna" who in her first show from the 9 to 12 month class not only took winners Bitch for her first point, but Best of winners and BEST OF BREED!!! She has been selectively shown with Mr. Jorge Pinzon and Mr. Michael Todd of Draco Boxers since her first showing and the care, conditioning and relationship they have shown my girl and friendship they have shown us goes above and beyond. They have kept Dyna in the ribbons even in VERY competative classes, garnering a Reserve Winners Bitch to a 4 point Major. Harley has also produced  UKC CH.  Pryde & Tribute's Temple Of Artemis, aka: "Riley". This lovely bitch is owned by Jessica Gunn, Tribute Boxers and is also AKC pointed from the puppy classes her first weekend of showing. I am proud of Jessica and Riley's accomplishments thus far and hope to hear MANY more wins in their future.  

    Even after these past several years of guidance I am still a fledgling trying to fly. Peggy helped me find my first show hopefuls and guided me to produce pups I had only dreamed of which turned into Boxers I am proud to have that represent the breed as they should be. She introduced me to a whole new world of Boxers. I have chosen to do the best by the breed I possibly can, producing quality boxers and not quantity. I have had my heartaches over the past few years and my joys. Although right now we are showing on a limited basis we hope to have several young hopefuls in the show ring by the first of the year next year to start their wonderful career. We take great Pryde in our breeding program always trying to ensure it is for the betterment of the breed, producing sound temperment with conformation you can show with Pryde. If you would like to stop by and meet our family please call, we welcome all visitors just ask you do not wear your Sunday best as we like to enjoy our dogs and our dogs love to enjoy their humans.

Jessy, Charlie,
Dustyn & Cody